Whistle® Teams Up with Dog Lovers

Largest Manufacture of Pet Trackers Partners with Its Audience

Joint Venture of Whistle with Mural Artists:

WHISTLE has always registered its loyalty and a keen interest in the dogs and to the service of their owners. The device is aimed at providing the owner with increased safety and luxury of keeping an eye on their dogs all the time. It also offers broader liberty to the pets to go to their favorite places without lots of restrictions.

WHISTLE has recently initiated an exciting venture with mural artists of San Francisco to come up with the highly attractive activity that can be used to help the lost pets and their owners. WHISTLE efforts towards the lost pets need no introduction. But to spice up the whole mission and to ensure the participation of the general public, WHISTLE along with the BBDO agency San Frisco and the mural artists of the state has created a big “Where’s Waldo” style mural in the Mission district of the city. The mural is an eye catching piece of art that invites the onlookers to spot the hidden dog in the illustration. Once you are successful in locating the dog, just capture and picture and post it on social media and the photo is sure to reach thousands of people within a few minutes.



The best part of the whole activity is that, for each picture shared on Instagram and video on Facebook, WHISTLE will be donating $1 to the Family Dog Rescue that is a local shelter and adoption center for lost and stray dogs. The initial target set by the Whistle and BBDO is to reach $10K of funds. Hence this is a significant demonstration of the fact that WHISTLE wishes a good and lovely home for every pet and makes every effort count to bring back a lost pet to the dejected owner.

About Whistle

Pets are not only adorable but also let you relish the tiniest details of life by providing incredible moments of joy and cuddles. However, pets are the animals, so you must always expect some unpredictable things from them as well. Your pet can soothe you in the darkest moments of life, but the same pet can be dull and gloomy around you without any particular reason.

Doesn’t matter how much a pet is loved, adored and cared for in a house, he can leave or escape the house without any particular reason. This run away causes the owner to initiate a frustrating search for their pets in the nearby blocks, woods and even fields. The search can span over a period of hours to days.

Modern technology has however presented a reliable solution to this issue by offering the fantastic pet GPS trackers to help the owners know exactly about the location of their pets all the time. There are hundreds of companies, presenting reliable GPS trackers for the customers but the distinction held by WHISTLE is unmatchable. WHISTLE has successfully conquered the pet trackers market by offering some of the most astonishing gadgets in the field.

What WHISTLE Offers?

Some of the most impressive features offered are:

Smart Tracking:

WHISTLE has taken pet tracking to new levels of technological advancement and accuracy. It combines your GPS tracker with 3g data service and enables you to track your pet smartly.

Long Range:

Unlike radio or Bluetooth tracker that let you monitor your pet within a small diameter, WHISTLE service expands the area to 3000 miles. It offers your pet greater liberty to move and wander around.


WHISTLE app will keep on sending critical alerts to you as emails, or notifications whenever it detects an unwanted movement of your pet beyond the permissible area.

Activity Logs:

WHISTLE let you monitor the complete activity of your dogs throughout the day. Places they visit the most, the time they spend in moving and wandering, etc.


WHISTLE product is reliable and is offered with most innovative and pet-friendly design. The biggest plus point of the device is the value of money it offers. The company presents this amazing gadget with a 90 days money back guarantee that makes your experience with WHISTLE cheerful and memorable.

WHISTLE carefully considers the immensely busy lives of today’s world, and thus the smart tracking is to ensure the maximum saving of your precious time. In short, this state of the art tracker is designed to let the owner keep track of his beloved dog without messing up with the busy schedule and personal lives.


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