Whistle GPS Pet Tracker Review

UPDATED: 1/4/18

Wearable tech isn’t only for individuals – now you can get your pets synchronized with the most recent devices. Clearly, we’re not discussing a cat or dog with an Apple Watch – that would be silly. We’re talking the best pet GPS trackers for pets available in the market.

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

Nowadays, there are tens of hundreds of companies and organizations that manufacturing wearable devices only for pets, whether that is to screen their real-time health or monitor them through GPS when they’re roaming here and there.

Parameters of Whistle GPS Pet Tracker Review:

What are Pet GPS Pet Trackers?

Pet activity monitors do exactly what they seem like they would: They display the real-time activity level of pets. You can also track your pet’s location in GPS tracker when they are sleeping or playing in a nearby or distant area. You can even utilize it to watch who’s hanging out with your pet when you’re not around. The main features of these types of Pet tracker are as follows:

1) GPS to track your dog/cat anyplace, whenever.

2) Bluetooth capacities to see who’s with your pet at any given time.

3) To monitor the activity of your dog via progress tracking monitors.

4) Messengers and schedules to keep all your pet caretakers in the loop.

5) Goal-setting abilities to proactively offer your textured companion, some assistance with living a more beneficial life.

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What is Whistle GPS Pet Tracker?

Whistle GPS Pet tracker is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-empowered circle (0.4 Inches thick and 1.5 Inches wide) that appends to your pet’s neckline to wind up an activity tracker, like current pedometers used nowadays. The best movement trackers for human’s measure what number of steps you take in a day, the amount of rest you get, calorie consumption, calories used. Whistle GPS tracker gives you diverse understanding into your pet’s health and habits on a daily basis. The device doesn’t track miles or duration, and power.

Whistle Pet GPS tracker can prove to be a very useful tracking gadget for your pets. Whistle GPS tracker can keep an eye on your pet if you are out of the city or country for some business purposes. All you need is an iPhone or iPad and Whistle GPS iOS app, and you are ready to go. You can track the minute to minute activity of your pets with the help of iOS Whistle Pet app.

While your dog or cat is running around the house, the Whistle gadget interfaces with your home Wi-Fi system and also your cell phone by means of Bluetooth 4.0 Dual Mode with the free Whistle application, which is accessible for iOS. Till now, the app is only designed for iOS, but the company is striving hard to release the Android version of the app. Take your pet on a walk with you in a nearby park or play land area, and Bluetooth kicks into the record the measure of time you spent on your walk together.

The gadget sends upgrades for the duration of the day to your application, even when you’re far from home, city or country, so you can keep an eye on each and every activity of your pets.  Since you get upgrades for the duration of the day, you can see precisely when someone else, for example, a nearby stranger, has taken your pet for a walk and for what duration.

Numerous individuals can utilize the Whistle application for one pet, and different pets can have profiles on one application account. Every pet has his or her own particular settings, which represent the breed, size, and age of the pet. You can even compare your pet’s day by day movement with others of the same breed in the application.

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

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Other features of Whistle GPS Pet Tracker:

Inside the Whistle GPS tracker box, there is a three-pivot accelerometer, which is the standard instrument in most types of human tracker available in the market. The Whistle logo in the gadget has LED lights behind it with the goal that it glows in different colors to show a full battery, low battery, or to confirm information is uploaded to the server. However, customers can force sync the gadget by pressing the only and one button of the tracker.

Whistle Pet GPS tracker is waterproof and made with durable and rugged high-end material. The flexible strap that secures the Whistle to your pet’s neckline is intended to ensure water doesn’t gather behind it and leave your partner damp. However, if your pet gets harsh and tumble in mud, sand or salt water, you’ll need to wash it or brush it with an old toothbrush afterward to remove the residues that left behind the tracker.

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker Battery Life:

The battery of the Whistle GPS tracker is a rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery.

One complete charging of Whistle GPS pet tracker battery gives the backup of 8 to 10 days, and it recharges with an included USB cable. Furthermore, as far as system compatibility, everything you need is Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz upheld). The Wi-Fi ability is the thing that permits you to get you informed about the overall pet’s activity when you are far from home.

Difference Between Whistle GPS Tracker and a Standard Microchip:

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker is the main proactive layer of assurance for loss prevention in pet. It utilizes achievement GPS and latest cellular technology app to empower you to see where your pet is at whatever time and will caution you if your pet leaves home. Similar traditional gadgets as microchipping and Radio Frequency Identity (RFID) labels are an important part of pet security. To locate a lost pet by utilizing a microchip, a pet must be found and taken to  nearest shelter house with access to the right database with the proprietor’s right data. This procedure could take hours or days, yet with Whistle GPS Pet Tracker you can find your pet in minutes. Impressive, Isn’t it?

Features of Whistle GPS Pet Tracker iOS App:

The Whistle GPS pet tracker app required iPhone 4s or newer version. After installing the Whistle iOS App, clients must synchronize the Whistle tracker to their iOS gadget. Right now, Whistle is just good with iOS gadgets, notwithstanding, the makers let us know that an Android application is en route. When it is within 10 m of the tracker, the synchronized iOS gadget will start downloading information about each and every movement of the pet.

The App compares the overall activity of pet on different parameters as breeds, age, and weight. It scrutinizes the information into action examples and plots them along different diagrams.

Receive loss notifications to your telephone:

Whistle iOS app informs you if your pet ever wanders from their Whistle zone, an adjustable safe zone you assign for your home or office and permits you to track their whereabouts straightforwardly from your cell phone.

Real-time Tracking of Pets:

Pinpoint your pet’s area at any desired time by using Whistle Pet Tracker App. Ensure your pet is the place they’re intended to be and rapidly discovers them in the event that they’re most certainly not.

Complete Peace of Mind with Whistle GPS Pet Tracker:

Using a smartphone, GPS, and a custom Whistle zone, Whistle GPS Pet Tracker guarantees that even a person who can get out of anything are never lost for long. Feel be better knowing your pet is secured anyplace in the world with real-time GPS tracking. It also gives you complete peace of mind when it comes to real-time pet tracking.

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Monitor the health of your Pets with Whistle GPS Pet Tracker:

Activity and rest are the two most critical markers of your pet’s general health. By using the Pet GPS tracker app, get understand into their day by day behavior at different intervals of the day.

Track Activity Trends:

Create custom action objectives in light of your pet’s breed, weight, and age and get a visual outline of their general physical health. Share this valuable information with your pet’s medical adviser at the time to time to better keep the previous activity record of your pet.

Stay connected:

While we’d show full affection with our pets constantly, some of the time we must be separated. The Whistle’s portable application puts your pet in your pocket and can alarm you when your pet needs your assistance, whether they are lost or if there are prominent changes in their activity.

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Advantages of Pet Tracker:

1) Activity monitor helps you keep your pet healthy.

2) The App supports multiple pets.

3) Whistle GPS Pet tracker is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled.

4) Lets you get updates throughout the day.

5) Waterproof design, IP67 certified and extra durable.

Limitations of Pet Tracker:

1) The size of the device is quite bigger than other available in the market.

2) The cost of the device is slightly higher than other pet tracking devices available in the market.

3) The Whistle Pet iOS App could offer more features and detailed information.


Tracking each and every movement of your pet cannot be an onerous task anymore. Now, you can track each and every movement of your pet in real-time when you are away from your house or city.

The tracker weighs only 16 g and measures 38 mm in width and 10 mm high. Battery life is around 10 days and a LED light will show when it needs recharging. This is achieved by setting the gadget in a magnetic docking station.

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