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Human and Dog Duo: Inspiring the World on a Bike

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It’s never too late to do something inspiring and amazing with your life. Instead of living a dull, casual and very Orthodox life, but certain people among us opt for a more spicy and vibrant version of life. There is no end of opportunity and idea. So these amazing folks are always ready to bring up the unique show of adventure and thrill and thus pump up the adrenaline in many lazy people as well. Such people are an inspiration and teach us the real meaning of living.

Bixby: The Ultimate Road Dawg

When Mike Met Bixby

Until 2010, Mike Minnick a chain- smoking bartender was leading a dull and uncontended life. His uninteresting life was based on a casual trip from home to the bar and back home again. But then it was Bixby, a Mutti gree dog from Town Lake Animal Shelter, who became the best friend of the 35- year-old bartender. Bixby blew new soul in Mike, and finally, Mike decided to get rid of this purpose less life and set out on a remarkable journey.

Mike considered chain smoking to be the biggest trouble in the way of a solid plan. But despite the efforts, he could not get rid of the addiction. In 2011, a friend presented the Burning Man annual fair ticket to Mike, and he sold all his belongings and set out with Bixby to be a part of the show. Once the fair was over Mike, and his four legged friend visited all the Parks in the US on their truck.

Finally, they stopped at Texas, and two bike rider brothers showed Mike an all new definition of adventure and thrill. Mike was inspired and highly motivated by what they were doing. But before deciding anything about a bicycle adventure he needed to change his life style.

Mike planned and asked a friend to drop him in the desert. It was a highly risked mission, but when he took four days to travel back to the city without a single cigarette, Mike had already left smoking. Getting rid of his addiction was a huge achievement for him, and it was the time when he decided to take Bixby on one memorable journey of their lives.

The Most Memorable Journey:

He bought a Yuba Cargo bike and took his best friend Bixby to hit the road on 13th May 2013. Mike had never thought about planning an extraordinary thing like that, but he was pushing the paddle to set a world record of covering most distance on a bike. Mike contributed this special journey to the cause and welfare of homeless dogs. When he set out on this amazing venture with his dog, he never thought about setting a world record. All he wanted to do was to see life from a new perspective and spread the awareness in general public about the affectionate treatment of homeless dogs and other pets.

But the time proved how fortunate Mike was as his journey earned him a prestigious place in the Guinness book of world record for maximum distance covered on a bike. He spent four years on the bike with his best dog and covered a distance of 25,000 miles.

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During his journey when both friends reached San Diego, they heard of someone setting a world record of maximum distance covered on an electric bike. This was the time when Mike claimed to shatter this record. The famous company Yuba was generous and kind enough to trust his claim and gave him one exceptional electric bike. From San Diego, the man and the dog duo covered 16,000 miles and shattered the record by a margin of three times.

Each time Bixby and Mike made a stop, local news channels poured out, and the whole country watched this incredible journey of two best friends. Mike believes that he has served a great purpose by spreading awareness in general public about the homeless dogs. Moreover, he is hopeful that due to his efforts many lovely dogs will be able to find a caring family of their dreams.

images from WheresBixby.com

The duo has a Facebook page where they have shared several pictures from their journey. A number of posts are also published from Bixby’s perspective as well. Mike wants to initiate a non-profitable organization for homeless dogs as well, and he wants Bixby to be known and adored by the whole world. According to Mike:

“We’re a traveling cartoon. I see no reason why everyone won’t know about Bixby.”

That time when Mike's bike got stolen, but they found it and Bixby was reunited with his bed.

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