Tagg GPS Pet Tracker Review

Updated: 1/04/18

Tagg GPS Pet tracker is a pet locator, movement tracker and air temperature sensor, which offers you valuable assistance with monitoring your pet’s location and health. The locator capacities with GPS innovation and works with any telephone or PC with SMS ability, as it messages you by email or content and afterward empowers you to locate your pet on a map. Free applications are accessible for Android and iPhones, but the tracking system is not free of cost and you can’t utilize the tracking framework without paying the service charges.

Tagg GPS Pet Tracker

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Pet proprietors can define the regions where their pets are “assumed” to be, and at whatever point they leave that region, they are alarmed. However, the overall method of monitoring or tracking is static, not continuous, similar to the Garm in or Roam EO frameworks. So you should continue to request that it track to get most recent information. The neckline attachment is lightweight yet too huge for pets under 10 pounds.

TAGG utilizes a GPS tracking system. A GPS beacon is joined to the pet’s neckline. Using propelled programming innovation, available either from your PC or as an application on your net enabled smartphone. With this particular tracking system, the GPS tracking signals are transmitted through the Verizon wireless networking system.

However, if you are out of cell tower reach and you have the gadget in TRACK mode, the software keeps the history of the locations, and the aggregated data can be accessed when you enter once more into a decent good signal reception area.

What’s in the Box?

Inside the Tagg box there are a couple of more tools that are commonly found within a human movement tracker. Clearly there is the Tagg unit itself, which accompanies a clasp/mount for appending it to your pet’s neckline. There are two distinctive elastic groups for the clasp with the reasonable one being for smaller width collars and the dark one for bigger collars. In the box, you will also find the Tagg guard, that will attach on your pet’s neckline to prevent it from rubbing or snagging.

Moving far from the Tagg unit itself, you have the Tagg base which works as both a charger and the Tagg’s tool of communication. It comes with standard wall charger.

Parameters of  Tagg GPS Pet Tracker:

Design of  Tagg GPS Pet Tracker:

The Tagg GPS Pet Tracker looks like a modern electric wall collar, with a discrete white and dim body that measures 1.49 x 3.18 x 0.77 inches and weighs just 1.16 ounces. You can utilize the Tagg on felines and whatever other substantial pets you’d like to monitor. It feels sturdily worked, with a water-resistant design that can withstand extensive shower. There is a one and only large button on the front face of the Tagg, which controls power and several tracking modes, with an LED marker light underneath. The Tagg Tracker clips into onto collars utilizing the included neckline clip, and accompanies a docking station for charging and programming schedules.

How to Setup Tagg GPS Pet Tracker?

The setup of the application takes place online, and all you need to do with the Tagg is spot it on the docking station for a charge and programming upgrade. You need to enroll your Tagg Tracker’s serial number (that can be found on the bottom of the device), enter charging data, enlist your pet different parameters as its name, breed, weight, etc., set up alerts, and designate your desired tracking location of your pet. The entire procedure of setup usually takes around 15-20 minutes to complete, and you’ll have the capacity to change any settings later, if desired.

Setting up the Tagg Pet Tracker took around 10-20 minutes. To start with, connect the tracker to pets neckline, and after that connected to the base station.

Performance of  Tagg GPS Pet Tracker:

Tagg GPS Pet Tracker

Available at Amazon

The Tagg Tracker functioned admirably on our testing. It precisely found pets on a map, and precisely tracked him as he moved around town. We got alarms at whatever point he extended outside the Tagg Zone, when the tracker was expelled from his neckline and when the battery was running low.

The Activity Tracker utilizes the tracker’s GPS to perceive how dynamic your pet is during the whole day. As per Tagg, pets ought to get somewhere around 30 – 60 minutes of exercise for each day. The Activity Tracker demonstrates to what extent your pet is resting, lightly active, highly dynamic throughout the day.

The Activity Tracker separates the information into three graphs: a daily snapshot, arrange in a circle; a course of events demonstrating while during the day your canine was dynamic and to what extent. All the three diagrams are very easy to read and understand.

Features of the App of  Tagg GPS Pet Tracker:

If you have an iPhone or Android telephone, you can download the free Tagg application. Once signed into your record, you can see a live perspective of your pet’s area as it moves around in a Google Earth view.

The Tagg iOS application offers much of the same functionality of a standard website. The application features three large buttons at the top as Locate, Start Tracking and Directions. These three buttons will offer you some assistance with finding your pet in the event that he wanders off. The center of the screen demonstrates the battery life, real-time location of your pet and his profile. At the base are tabs for the Map, Activity Tracker, Community (a connection to Tagg’s Facebook page) and Settings.

At the point when your pet goes outside their assigned zone, you’ll get an email that demonstrates a little thumbnail map of their area and connections to pages on the Tagg site that will start Tracking of your pet. When you turn on the following element, you’ll get an email with your pet’s area in every 3 minutes in each 30 minutes. Some of the received emails have a connection to the Tagg site that demonstrates a trail of where your pet has been. There is a button to play the trail, which just demonstrates to your different focuses where your pet has been.

Basic Method of Tracking of  Tagg GPS Pet Tracker:

After getting the latest updates from the server, the Tagg tracker will not only monitor the real-time location of the pet, but will also show the overall activity of the pet. During the initial step, you ought to have assigned a home zone, which can be extended to cover a solitary city piece or your whole neighborhood. You additionally pick whether you need to alert sent through content, email, or both. However, if your pet strays outside of the assigned home zone, you’ll get a warning that demonstrates your pet’s area on a map, gives you an approximate road address, and shows an option to trigger the real-time tracking mode.

Tracking mode pings the Tagg Tracker by sending you an alert of your pet’s most probable location, that can prove to be very helpful for finding a pet on the move. However, if you know that you will be leaving the home zone, basically press the only and one button on the Tagg Tracker twice to trigger or initiate trip mode. The blue LED will flicker three times, and you’ll have 15 minutes before regular tracking is re-empowered. You can restart trip mode numerous times if your trips keep going longer than 15 minutes.

All area and movement information is transmitted remotely from the Tagg Tracker, so you’ll just truly need to dock the Tagg to charge. The inherent battery is evaluated at up to 30 days of utilization, and will send you a ready indication when it is about to charge. You can also avail the free Android and iOS Tagg tracker App from the internet. With Tagg tracker app you can monitor the real-time location of your pet, but for activity tracking, you must log on the website.

Battery Life of  Tagg GPS Pet Tracker:

Tagg says the tracker’s battery can last up to 30 days; we received barely a week in return before it required a recharge.  Both the application and the site show the remaining amount of battery.

Watch Video of Tagg GPS Pet Tracker Review & Testing

Advantages of Tagg GPS Pet Tracker:

1) Fast and rapid pet notifications

2) Shows overall activity of your pet

3) Intuitive Interface

4) Longer battery Life

5)) Rugged and Durable

Limitations of Tagg GPS Pet Tracker:

1) Device is somewhat bulky

2) Monthly data plans adds the overall cost


For pet proprietors with huge yards, or for the individuals who like to give their pet to roam in large forests, the Tagg Pet Tracker could be an extremely supportive tool.

However, if you reside in urban areas and your pet spends much of its time in the house or nearby areas, then the Tagg tracker probably isn’t necessarily for you. The device is basically designed for rural or provincial homes, where you let your pet wander around parks and lawns, the Tagg could prove to be a priceless gadget for you and your pets.

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