Dogs that Are Most Likely to Run Away from Home

Dogs breed most likely to require a tracking device

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The best thing about animals is the unpredictability associated with their behavior. They can be happy after a very little cuddle from your side and sometimes can’t get out of a miserable mood even after hours of struggle. The same trend of unpredictability is followed during their wandering ventures inside and outside of your house. They never follow a particular pattern and can leave the house without your authorization.

The reason dogs run is simple: it’s in their nature. However, some love to escape and go out for a stroll more than others. This is associated with a particular type or breed. Dogs are indeed mischievous pets, and whenever they find an open door they try their best to escape. This is the reason why so many dogs are lost each year. It is a heartbreaking experience for dog owners.

Why do they escape?

There are various reasons associated with their running. Here are a few:

Dogs get scared:

Sometimes during renovations, construction or even gardening. The noise of working machines scares a dog to the extent that he tries to move away from the sound.  This noisy sounds result in bringing him to the point of no return, and at the end, he is lost without a clue of his house.

Change of residence:

Many dog owners have complained their dogs have left their new home to return to their old one. Sometimes they ruin the family vacation by traveling all the way home without bringing it to the family’s notice. Dogs love their homes and do not like to spend a lot of time away.

For fun:

Sometimes your dog is feeling exhausted and is in dire need of fun.  For this reason he will try to escape from an open door, a small hole in the fence and through the lawn, or sewers to relish the outside environment.

The well-known dog GPS collar manufacturing company WHISTLE has recently compiled data from over 150,000 dogs from different regions to find out the association of the runway adventures with a particular breed. As a result of their findings following 15 dog breeds are rendered highly intended to escape from your house at least once in a year.

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Breeds that love to Run, Run, Run

  1. Anatolian Shepherd:

number 1 run away dog

This gorgeous dog is one premium breed, but it always threatens you with its high affinity to the escaping adventure. With 2.13 times per month chances of run away, he will never let his owner be in peace ever.

  1. Blood Hound:

The golden dog can win the hearts of any family but with chances as high as 1.3 times per month of runaway demand a higher level of surveillance over this beautiful hound.

  1. Great Pyrenees:

The Pyrenean mountain dog or the Great Pyrenees is an adorable white dog very popular in North America. But the owner can have to go through the headache of losing this dog 1.2 times a month.

  1. Australian Shepherd:

The medium sized breed of the dog also known as “Aussie,” has a probability of getting lost at least 0.9 times per month.

  1. Catahoula leopard dog:

This intelligent and loving dog is also the state dog of Louisiana. However, the owner can lose this beautiful dog up to 1.2 times per month.

  1. Belgian Malinois:

This hardworking and stubborn dog can be lost 1.2 times a month.

  1. Standard poodle:

The Poodle is the most famous and adorable formal dog breed. However, the probability of a poodle escaping from the owner is 0.9 times a month.

  1. Great Dane:

This dog breed is famous for its large size and leaving its owner for up to 1.2 times per month.

  1. Saint Bernard:

These huge and lively dogs can leave their owners 1.2 times a month for irregular outings.

  1. American Bulldog:

This energetic dog can exhaust its owner 0.9 times a month in hectic search of the dominant breed.

bulldogs love to run

The best attempt at preventing your dog from escaping and causing you with an immense trouble is the use of dogs GPS collars. These modern gadgets will help you keep track of your dog even at work, and you will be saved from the gruesome experience of searching for your dog in every nearby block ad woods at least once a month.


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