Best Dog Ever; Once Was Lost, Now Found!

Best Dog Reunion Story of Duncan, the Legless Dog

lost dog found

Pets are the most important and shared part of any happy and complete family. They provide you happy moments, be a part of your family, play with your kids and if it’s a dog he is sure to be the first guard of your house and kids as well. Dogs have always been adored for their loyalty, energy, intelligence and the strong bond they share with their adoptive family.

About Duncan

Dog reunions are some of the most emotional reunions in the world and now and then we come across such fantastic stories. One such story belongs to the dog Duncan. Duncan is not an ordinary dog. He is an online celebrity with a website to his name. The thing that makes Duncan so famous and distinguished is his disability. Duncan is a legless dog found on the streets of Colorado with his legs fused underneath. The legs were amputated surgically to prevent his spine from any potential danger.

Gary Walters, a Washington state resident, adopted this particular dog and due to the immense love and care from his adoptive family, Duncan was never bothered of his disability. He has more than 110 million online followers. But a perfect family holiday became a nightmare for Duncan and his family.

Unfortunate car crash

Gary Walters with his fiancée, Amanda Geese, and two children, was traveling back from the Yellowstone National Park on a Friday night. But at 11 pm the car struck a bison and rolled several times. The horrible car crash left the family in shock, but the bigger trouble was still waiting for them. Soon when they recovered from the shock, it was revealed that one of two family’s dogs was missing. Duncan was the unlucky dog who lost and in the night family tried to search him out in the nearby areas but to no use.

Lost Duncan: The World’s Best Dog

Beloved Duncan went missing, and the family was getting restless with every passing minute. Walters searched for their dog in a limited area around the crashed car, but the task seemed impossible without the help from the locals. After the failure of the initial efforts, the family planned to use the social media accounts to ask for help. Duncan was not an ordinary dog, with millions of followers online, the support request was seen by thousands of people immediately, and those who recognized Duncan and were near the crash site were generous enough to give a helping hand to the dejected family.

Duncan’s family was determined to stay at the site until their treasured dog was found. However, police could not allow it due to the unsafe wilderness around. There are wolves and bears commonly seen in that particular area, so the family was forced to leave the site after the police arrived.

Humanity at its very best

However, they never left the social platform and kept on posting for lost Duncan. They asked people passing through the Island Park, Idaho, Highway 87 and US 20, near the mile marker 403, to keep an eye on the surroundings and if they find any trace of Duncan, then inform the family immediately.

Duncan was a disabled dog, so with every passing minute, his life was believed to be in danger in a wild area. In the morning 30 to 40 people volunteered, and a search party was formed. Soon after that, an extensive search was initiated in the area. Team expertly conducted a combing operation ensuring every inch of the surrounding land was checked.

Finally, after 16 hours, a man spotted a legless dog about three miles away from the crashed car site. Indeed it was an unbelievable finding, so the man called the daughter of the family Jade to come and confirm the identity of the dog.

found dog

Finally, beloved Duncan was in the arms of his family again, and it was a very passionate reunion. Walter’s were overjoyed to get their special dog back. Duncan received very few scars. He was scared of the crash so just ran away from the family in shock. But to the utter relief of everyone, Duncan is back with his family. Brave Duncan not only survived this ordeal but is again back to his stress-free and incredible life again. Duncan’s story is one of the finest demonstrations of team work and affectionate behavior of the man towards animals that brought Duncan back to his sweet home.

See the tearjearking reunion of the Duncan the Dog being reunited with his family

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