Astro Radio Garmin Pet Tracker Review

Groundbreaking Outdoor GPS Pet Tracking Technology

Dogs have been the most faithful companion of man since ages. Even today, millions of people love to have a dog, and the dog is considered a member of the family in most of the houses. Keeping pets requires 24/7 attention towards the movement and every action of your dog.

Astro Radio gps

Garmin Astro 430 (T5) Dog Tracking Package

Sometimes your dog can run away or leave the premises of house without your permission or attention. That truly is a gigantic problem for the owners to trace and locate their dog and bring him home.

What are the benefits?

Today pets market is flooded with some of the most modern tracking systems to assist you in locating and finding your dog. There are various reasons stated as a cause of dog run away. Some are:

  • Due to fear of some loud noise
  • Just for fun
  • Since they are animals so you can’t set a code of conduct for them
  • Dogs love their homes so if you have recently shifted to a new home or on vacation, your dog may not like to spend time at the new place and will run away to the old house.

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Types of Dog Trackers: GPS VS RADIO

Dog trackers are the most commonly used gadgets by the dog’s owners. People do not like to waste time in searching for their dog around the nearby blocks or woods. Dog trackers are of two types:

  • GPS trackers
  • Radio trackers

GPS trackers help you to determine the location of your dog more accurately and in a very concise period of time. On the other hand, radio trackers are immensely helpful in denser covers usually in the woods or any wilderness where there are abundant flora and natural landscape.

Astro Radio gps

Garmin Astro 430 (T5) Dog Tracking Package


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Garmin Astro GPS Pet Tracker Buyers Guide:

About Garmin’s Positing in the GPS Industry

Garmin International Inc., a Garmin Ltd. unit has always been the pioneer name for presenting some of the finest tracking devices and apps into the market. Garmin has successfully targeted the requirements of people with an active life style and provide most innovative devices to aid in adventurous activities like aviation, fitness, marine and hunting ventures. Garmin has taken adventure blended with technologically superior gadgets to the new level of superiority and market success. Garmin is the name of standard and class and any gadget offer by this massively successful industry is an instant hit due to doubtless quality and superior technology installed in the product.

Astro, Garmin, Alpha, and Fenix have registered trademarks of the Garmin Ltd. the ground breaking industry is located in Switzerland with principal subsidiaries located in the US, Taiwan, and the UK.

Garmin Astro is a series of tracking collars equipped with state of the art radio trackers that make it incredibly easy for any owner to keep track of his do movements anywhere. The best thing about the Garmin Astro trackers is that they let you monitor more than one dog at a time by a simple handheld unit. This is why these gadgets are extremely helpful in locating or training your dog’s anywhere.

The Garmin Astro 220 Tracker

Garmin Astro 220 is a tracking + training dog collar that uses the industry’s best Garmin GPS tracking system for locating sporting dogs.

Astro 220 allows you to get accurate information about the location and movement of your dog all the time. The gadget lives up to the gigantic name of the company and provides flawless whereabouts of your training dogs. Astro 220 is offered with a handheld receiver, a wireless transmitter collar, Ac and vehicle adapter, a wrist strap and a quick start manual. It makes pet locating easy and very durable and give greater freedom to the pet to loiter around without causing a headache to the owner.

Battery Life:

Astro 220 comes with a battery life of 24 hours after a full recharge. However, you can always increase the battery life by slowing or delaying the updates up to 120 seconds. It can let the battery stay alive for 48 hours. Vehicle adapter allows recharging the battery on the go.


Garmin tracker for Astro 220 comes up with some seriously striking features. It allows the user to track up to 10 dogs at a time. The handheld tracker device is a wonder in itself with barometric altimeter, an electronic compass, detailed map of the city, and distance calculator. The device lets you manipulate the map in the best and most professional way. You can mark the location of your own house or garage so that your long search missions won let you far away from your home. Moreover, you can track the distance covered by your dog and the mark the places most frequently visited by your pet. The collar transmitter also lets you view the way-points like tree stands and food plots etc.


This excellent tracker takes care of your dog within 7 miles of diameter and its ability to locate more than one pet also makes it a client’s favorite.

**Note: Astro 220 has been discontinued since 2015 but you can still purchase it from the Out Door Dog Supply.

The Garmin Astro 430 Tracker

The latest Astro 430 is the true game changer in the field of dog tracking. The unbelievable tracker is equipped with Bluetooth and allows you to locate your dog with in a diameter of 9 miles. Astro 430 offers quickest updates after every 2.5 seconds thus make it impossible for your dog to escape from your range.

Compatible Devices:

Astro 430 works flawlessly with the following receivers:

  • DC 50
  • Big T 5
  • Mini T 5
  • Big TT 15
  • Mini TT 15

Compatibility of the tracker with so many receivers and the ability to track up to 20 dogs make Astro 430 a gigantic power house of dog tracking.

Best for Hunting Ventures

Hunting is the most thrilling adventure opted by the most courageous individuals. Dogs have been compulsory companions of men in every hunting venture. The retrievers have to cover long distances to aid their owners in finding the prey. The dog trackers ensure that these wonderful pets are not lost during the search and return to the owner safely. Astro 43 provides an exclusive hunt metrics data for locating the hunting dogs. It will calculate the total distance and other fitness and performance scores. The final data helps you to evaluate and optimize your training methods and techniques.

Mapping Potential

Astro 43 comes with an SD card slot that provides additional space for downloading more maps. Huntview maps are specifically built for fulfilling the hunting needs. The exceptional maps offered by the device also enable you to detect any geographical features like a hill or creek and if your dog has crossed it or not.

Maps view can be chosen or altered between the options of ‘show some’, ‘show less’, or ‘show more’.  The mobile app can be used on share the specific code of a dog collar with some other person so that he can keep track of that dog as well. Dog track page will show a compass pointing to the current location of your dog.  Auto ‘zoom in’ and ‘zoom out’ help you to understand the map with all geographical landmarks more professionally and efficiently.

Great for the Outdoor Dog

It also keeps a record of your hunting success. You can mark the exact point and time of the day where you found a prey. This will help you focus on the area with most abundant targets. You can also mark specific way points and the location of your camp and truck to avoid being lost in woods.

In short Garmin Astro, radio trackers are redefining the tracking of your dogs, and the ease that the brand has incorporated is unmatchable.  Astro 430 has made hunting more thrilling and electrifying than before. You can take your dogs to any hunting ground without fearing their escape of runaway. Moreover, with these finest trackers, they will assist you more awesomely in hunting and search for the prey.

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